Dhruvi Beauty Salon
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Dhruvi Beauty Salon
Make your beauty more beautiful or take care of them
Dhruvi Beauty Salon
For Bridal Makeup & Salon Information
Dhruvi Beauty Salon
best quality makeup kit
Dhruvi Beauty Salon
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Hair Color 

Nothing Adds glamor and to your look like a srriking shade of eadiant hair color 

Hours and Directions 

  Click on the link to check our       opening hous and our location 

Waxing and Threading

When it comes to maintaining perfect grooming, seeking semi-permanent hair removal methods that won’t leave you…

Lash Extensions

Thick, luxurious lashes are the perfect frames for eyes that sparkle and smolder. Getting the long…

Acrylic Nail Extensions
If you want to transform short, fragile, breaking nails into long, elegant manicured tips, go for classic acrylic extensions.
Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are a fabulous way to indulge your skin and with an array of cleansing…